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Our terms and conditions of trading

We are primarily a web based insurance broker, but that does not detract from your rights as a customer. It does means that contact with us should be done by e-mail rather than over the phone or by face to face contact. We are formed as a company and regulated in exactly the same way as an insurance broker who has a shop front or a call centre.

However, for your added protection we offer a contact phone number which is available during our normal working hours. We may chose to respond by e-mail so it is important to let us have an e-mail address. If you do not have an e-mail address then our services will probably not be suitable for you.

The information provided on our web site is intended for general guidance only and should not be considered as any form of advice whatsoever. We are happy to give you advice relating specifically to your circumstance in which case you should e-mail all the details relating to your requirements.

We take care to ensure that the information on our web site is as accurate as possible. However, we offer no guarantee to this effect. We do not accept any direct or consequential loss arising from the use of the information on our website.

Our web site is intended for use by UK residents only.

We are required by the Financial Services Authority to act professionally at all times. We want to do that anyway as it is our belief that will attract new clients to our services, and ensure that existing clients remain with us. To highlight our professionalism we are members of the British Insurance Brokers Association and some of our staff are members of the Institute of Insurance Brokers.

We hope that our service will be such that you will always be happy with it but if you feel the need to make a complaint then please notify us by e-mail setting out what you feel has gone wrong or what we could have done better. If you are dissatisfied with the treatment of your complaint you may be able to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

It is highly unlikely to occur but our clients are protected in a number of ways for the funding of losses that come about as a result of our company's inability to meet its liabilities. We hold professional indemnity insurance which will settle any claims against us for error or omissions generated by us. More information about these schemes can be found at www.fscs.org.uk

Our services vary from offering computer comparison systems offered by third party companies through to offering links to websites offered by insurers so that a rating can be obtained for a specific risk. Sometimes the whole market is surveyed and sometimes a panel of insurers and sometimes just one specific insurer. We are not responsible for the content of any other companies web site. We don't offer advice as to the suitability of these contract unless you contact us and ask specifically for that advice. We will be more than happy to offer you the advantage of our experience.

We are required to ensure that we treat customers fairly. It is central to our philosophy that we should do so. This includes offering clear information about products, ensuring that the service we offer matches what we say it will and that there are no unreasonable barriers put to making claims, changing contracts, switching providers or making complaints. If we give advice the advice is suitable and that we take enough information to know about your circumstances.

It is important that you understand that any information you give to either us or your insurers must be correct. Your insurers expect you to disclose any facts material to the insurance. If you are unsure as to what constitutes a material fact then please ask as any inaccuracies in your answers may invalidate your insurance cover in part or in whole. This applies to new proposal and renewals and at any time you give us or the insurer information.

The insurance companies reward us for our work by paying us a commission on each policy arranged. We do not generally charge additional fees for the work that we do. However, we do reserve the right to do so, but we will always tell you in advance should a fee become due. Commonly underwriting agencies which we use do charge a fee. None of this fee normally comes to us. We will tell you about these fees when they arise.

We are regulated to hold money that has been paid to us by clients to forward on to insurance companies. These monies are held in special bank accounts specifically designed for the task. However, in a lot of cases we ensure payment is made direct to the insurer. We retain as part of our income any interest paid by the bank accounts on the moneys held before payment to the insurers.

A lot of claims are now handled direct by insurance companies with direct telephone reporting to them preferred as the quickest and easiest method. You will find the how to claim details in your policy document. Should you have any difficulty with this then please advise us and we will be happy to assist. It is very important that you report claims immediately you become aware of even the possibility of a claim.

We reserve the right to lapse or cancel your policy mid-term, following suitable reminders if any monies, documentation or other relevant information remain outstanding. We will advise you by e-mail before this occurs.

This terms of business is subject to English Law.


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