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Stand alone Angling and fishing Equipment insurance

This contract is designed to provide protection for your angling and fishing equipment in your home, at your fishing venue and directly in transit between the two. Cover can be extended to include theft from a locked unattended vehicle where the equipment is kept out of site from outside. This options will increase the premium required.

The policy will also cover public liability to a third party whilst using the fishing equipment. A hook catching a passing person for example. It also will pay for the litigation costs in defending a claim if the circumstances require.

Personal accident benefits are also included if the accident occurs at a recognised angling venue. Club membership and match entry fees which have been paid and for which you cannot benefit would be refunded.

If you fish abroad a lot then cover can be extended from 30days a year abroad to 180 days at an extra premium. New for old cover is also available for equipment less than 3 years old. 

Household policies can be used to cover fishing equipment. However, it will be that a household insurance policy will not offer cover as wide as this policy achieves, nor may they be able to offer cover for substantial sums insured. In addition, some household policies will not cover the liability section which while the risk of a claim occurring is relatively small the claim can be very substantial.

You can chose between paying monthly by direct debit or credit card or annually. Monthly policies have increased benefits over the annual policies. You should note that the premium becomes payable every 28 days making 13 payments in the year.

There will be an excess, which is the amount that you pay towards a claim. 

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