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House buildings and contents insurance

This contract is designed to provide protection for your home. You can chose if you want to insure just your building or just your contents or both.

Buildings insurance can be offered at two levels of cover. The first is fire and perils insurance. This covers all the major events that can do substantial damage to your building. This is the least expensive of the two levels of cover. The second level of cover includes fire and perils but has  accidental damage cover also included. The advantage of this is that damage done to your buildings by occurrences other than the major ones of fire and perils. In addition, rather that you having to fit the occurrence in one for the perils, with accidental damage cover every occurrence is covered unless the insurers have listed it in one of the exclusions. The cover is much wider.

Contents cover too have the same two levels of cover. It is even more important to take the accidental damage cover in this case as it covers the accidental breakage of household goods and also other occurrences such as dropping a pot of paint whilst decorating and damaging your carpet. 

Contents cover can be extended to cover personal possessions whilst out of the home. This is sometimes called an All Risks schedule. In fact you can also include these whilst abroad in other countries with a limit normally of 60 days in the year. This gives you the opportunity to cover items such as jewellery for loss or damage out of the home.  You can also cover most sports equipment  in the same way.

Contents insurance also allows you to  optionally include cover for loss or damage to push bikes, loss of money, fraudulent use of your credit cards, and deterioration of food in a freezer.

Both buildings and contents insurance includes liability insurance. Buildings insurance includes property owners liability insurance, and contents insurance includes personal liability insurance for you and your family.

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