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Motor insurance

This contract is designed to provide protection for your motor car. You are required by law to insure your car for third party risks, and these contracts will perform that function.  This means that should you do any damage to any third party or their property, then this policy will pay for the damage that you have done. These policies are called Third party only policies.

In addition to third party only risks, you can add to the policy, cover against damage to your car done by fire or the loss or damage to your car following a  theft or attempted theft. These policies are called Third party fire and theft policies.

Finally, you can add to a third party fire and theft policy, cover for any damage that is done to your vehicle whether that damage is done by you, or by someone else. These are called Comprehensive Insurance Policies. These policies also include additional covers for example for your windscreen.

The Insurance contracts that our system will offer are from a range of UK Insurers. You will be able in most cases to obtain an immediate online quotation. The system will allow you to be granted immediate cover and arrange payment by either instalments or by credit card. Prior to entering the quotation system you will be asked to leave your name and contact details. You may be asked for these again by the interactive quotation system. Please note that once you have moved to the interactive system, you will need to press the 'NEW QUOTE' button on the left of the screen. Our quotation number issued will be different from the interactive quotation system number.

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