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Travel and Holiday insurance

These contracts are designed to provide protection for you and your belongings whilst you are on holiday or traveling.

The contracts cover medical expenses should you fall ill or have an accident whilst abroad, which will include repatriation in serious cases. The policy will also include liability insurance for you whilst you are abroad. Additionally, the policy can cover the costs of cancellation should you have to do that following an insured event such as the unexpected death of a relative or the like. Baggage is covered for loss or damage whilst abroad, but this may already be covered by your household insurance. There are also a number of other additional forms of cover including delayed departure and airline failure and personal accident cover.

The premiums are based upon the countries that you intend to visit, and whether or not you intend to engage in winter sports, the upon the time that you are away, and the age of the people traveling. We are able to offer cover for travelers up to the age of 115 years old. Cover for pre-existing illnesses for travelers may be available following health screening.

For frequent travelers we can offer an annual policy including multi trips. However, this will not cover you should you go and reside for a long time in another country. For long term travelers including back packers, cover can be made available for up to 365 days.

For those who require cover for activities such as golf, flying, ski diving, pot holing, rock climbing, white water rafting, scuba diving and the like there are about 300 activities which can be covered for an additional premium. We can even cover trips to include the additional covers required if you intend to have your wedding whilst abroad. Cruise cover is also available to match the requirements of people who just require cover for a cruise ship holiday.

The Insurance contracts that our system will offer is from a UK Insurers. There will be an opportunity to view the full policy details in the pages that come. Cover is only available for people residing in the UK for the past 6 months and are registered with a UK GP and when then round trip starts from and ends in the UK. 

You will have to leave your contact details and a new window will then open for you to use the system. That window will ask you which type of policy you require a single trip a multi trip annual policy, an over 65s policy, a cruise policy, a winter sports, or a long stay contract.

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