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Commercial insurance

This contract is designed to provide cover for firms which have a factory or warehouse, and engage in manufacturing, repair, storage, assembly and the like.

The policy will be able to offer cover for a number of your requirements, but you are not required to take all of these sections.  They are as follows:-

1.Fire and other perils which would have a major effect on your ability to trade.  This will include theft cover.

2. All Risks Insurance. When your company's property goes out of the premises then the Fire section will not cover loss or damage.  This section picks up this cover.  For example, a laptop carried by a salesmen could be covered under this section as could tools of trade used away from the factory and exhibition stands used to display your companies wares.

3.Goods in transits. Most companies have to deliver their goods in one form or another to their customers.  This section will cover the risk of loss or damage in transit. It can cover just UK transit via your own vehicles, but also cover your whole turnover using hauliers and any other methods of transport. Frequently, relying on the hauliers own insurance does not offer sufficent cover or protection to businesses.

4..Employers liability insurance.  This is a compulsory level of cover required by law, if you employ anyone.  This cover also applies to directors of limited companies. If an employee is injured or suffers a loss due to their employment, then this section is designed to cover that risk.

5.Public and Products Liability . This covers your businesses liability to the public for your company and your employees actions. It will cover the risks to the public if they come into your premises, and any damage or loss created by your employees if they are working away from your premises.  In addition this section can be extended to cover any loss that can occur as a result of the products that you produce, should one of those be faulty and create a loss to a member if the public.

6. Loss of profits.  This is also called consequential loss insurance. This covers the loss of profits that the company can make following  a loss of  turnover which results after an incident such as a fire.

7. Money insurance.  The fire and other sections will not cover money.  You can extend the policy to cover a loss of cash in transit and in your premises both during the day or overnight. 

8.Glass insurance.  Sometimes, factories and warehouses have expensive glass in the building structure. It may well be that the landlord requires the tenant to cover this risk.  This section does that offering accidental amd malicious damage cover to the glass.

9. There are all sorts of additional covers that may be required by your business, such as Motor fleet insurance, engineering inspection insurance, which is again sometimes a compulsory level of insurance, and the like. This web site does not try to identify those classes of cover for you, but when the quotation is offered, you can discuss this when contact is made. 

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