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For Commercial insurance for factories, warehouses and manufacturers 

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About your business

Please describe to us exactly what your business does giving full details of your processes and how you go about doing it. Please give as much detail as you can. The more we understand your business, the more likely we will be able to get a competitive premium. For example, give details of what you manufacture and how you store and deliver and install, giving details of all work away from the premises.

About your sums insured

We need to establish your sums insured split as follows:- The boxes which require figures will accept only whole numbers.  There is no need to put a before, or commas in the figure or decimal points. Notes
Buildings in This should represent the cost to rebuild including architects fees
High risks stock or items for resale in Any stock of Jewelry watches camera, furs, clothes, videos, computer equipment (for sale)
Please tell us in which category they are
Other stock in
Work in progress or partial made up work in This figure should represent the maximum during the course of the insurance year
Fixtures and fittings in This should be items such as shelving benches in the workshop and cupboards filing cabinets and desk etc in the office But not electrical equipment
Heavy machinery other than hand tools in These are items that are not easily portable
Hand tools that stay in the premises in You can choose to cover your hand tools out of the premises if you wish.
Office electrical equipment excluding computers and other IT equipment in This is items such as telephones systems photocopiers fax machines typewriters etc.
Computers and other IT equipment in This should exclude laptops and other mobile equipment unless you only want it covered in the premises only

About your premises 

We need to understand the construction of the premises

This is true even if we are not insuring the building.
Please advise the construction of the walls An example would be brick metal of concrete.
Please advise the construction of the roof Examples would be wood tiles, slate, or corrugated fibre board or metal.
What percentage of the roof is flat
What is the construction of the floor Concrete throughout or concrete downstairs and wood upstairs or wood throughout
What are your stairways made from Metal wood or concrete
Is the property terraced detached semi detached and which type of premises is it Purpose built commercial unit converted house
How many stories is the property Include a  mezzanine floor as  a floor
Is there a basement and what is it used for If it is used for storage then it will probably be a requirement that all items are kept off the floor.
Roughly, how many square feet do you have in your premises  Any on a mezzanine floor should be included.
What do your neighbours do in their premises Please leave in the notes section the type of goods involved if of a volatile nature.  For example if there is a firework factory next door then it  will probably impact on your insurance.
How do you heat your premises You can select more than one option by holding down the control key and clicking on more than  one option.
What do you have in the way of fire extinguishers with service agreements and blankets and sprinkler systems You can select more than one option by holding down the control key and clicking on more than  one option.
Do you have a maintained alarm system and if so which category does it fall into
Do you have key operated window locks or bars on all accessible windows and do you have 5 Lever Mortise Deadlocks on all external doors or closed circuit tv You can select more than one option by holding down the control key and clicking on more than  one option.

About cover outside

You can cover items outside of your premises This falls into categories of all risks on items such as Laptops tools exhibition equipment etc or Stock in transit The boxes which require figures will accept only whole numbers.  There is no need to put a before, or commas in the figure or decimal points. If you do not require this cover please leave the boxes blank
What is the value of Laptops or other mobile computer equipment that you require covered outside the premises in
What is the value of tools that require cover outside of the premises in
What is the maximum value of exhibition stands required on an all risks basis in
What is the maximum value any one load of stock for which you require cover in transit. This is the maximum any one load per vehicle
If it is carried on your own vehicles, then please advise how many vehicles you use at any one time
What is the total value of stock carried in any one year. This should represent the cost of replacing the Annual value of the stock in transit.
Is the cover to be UK only EEC based or world wide

Cover for your Liabilities

This covers your liabilities to your employees which is a compulsory level of cover, and to the public for either just your actions or for your actions and products. There are 4 boxes. The first is for the wage roll in the second for the number of people employed in this category.  The third is for the % work away and the 4th is a free form box to describe their duties We ask for a split in the wage roll because some activities attract higher rates than others. The more we know about how you operate the more likely we are to arrive at an acceptable premium.

What is your management and clerical wage roll, the number of people that you employ in this section and the % of their time that they work away from your premisies. 

This should include all those in sedentry occupations including sales people. If one person work in two categories, use a % for each

Employees using fixed heavy machinery

This is the type of machinery which is not easily removable, such as bench saws and lathes etc.
Employees doing lighter manual jobs Such as painters woodwork using only hand tools metal work etc.
Employees doing assembly etc This would involve only the use of light tools such as a screw driver etc.
What is your estimated turnover in the next twelve months
Do you work at heights? If so what is the maximum height. This will include the use of steps or ladders.
When working away, do you work underground?  If so to what depth.

Cover for Loss of Profits

This covers losses which result from your inability to trade as a result of a fire or the like at the place of manufacture. If this cover is not required, then please leave the boxes blank
Please advise what your gross profits for the next year will be. Gross profits are defined as turnover less cost of production of that turnover. Your wage roll should not be deducted as a cost of production as you will still have to pay your permanent staff after a fire. 
How long would it take you to be up and trading again after a major fire or the like We call this the indemnity period. It will be the amount of time that the policy will pay for losses following a claim

Extra covers

Do you require money cover? 
Do you require Glass cover? If so please advise the value to replace the glass in your premises

Some extra questions

For how many years have you been trading
Who are your current insurers We need this as we would not wish to approach your current insurers.
When is your renewal date Insurers are generally very busy and need to know when the request needs to be completed by
Please advise the renewal premium that has been offered to you or the best premium quoted so far. We need to know this as we do not wish to waste insurers time. If you have something that is competitive, we will tell you.
Is your premises especially exposed to any risk for which you are applying for insurance For example are you premises on the edge of a cliff, or are they in an area which has been flooded regularly.
Have you had any claims in the past 5 years. If so please use box 1 for the date, box 2 for the amounts and box 3 for the details of what happened.


If you have had more than two claims in 5 years then please give the same details in the notes box of all other claims.
Claim 1
Claim 2

Further Information and Notes

All insurance policies require you to disclose anything that may be relevant to underwriters. Please use this box to give us that information and make any additional notes which you may wish to give to clarify the situations above. Examples of relevant information would be if you have been convicted of arson or been made bankrupt, or spent time in jail or involved in anything that insurers may not been pleased about. 

To help us understand our enquiries

Please advise which search engine or connection you used to find our site This will help us to understand where our enquiries come from.
Please advise the word or words on which you searched to find our site. If you used other engines which did not send you to our site please also list below. We much appreciate this additional information. Thank you. 
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